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The Combat Comfort Corner Series bridges the gap between the perfect casual gym short, and high-end fight-ready combat short. Designed for the gym enthusiast and fighters from all disciplines, the striking Corner Series is for the confident and understated individual who lets their work ethic do the talking.

Triple Stitch

To ensure the ultimate in performance and mobility during training or a professional bout, all shorts utilise triple reinforced stitching and premium quality materials, providing not only the best fit but also class leading longevity. Our durable, heavy-duty production techniques provide the required range and flexibility for every fight move, but fighters can breathe easy knowing the shorts will quickly snap back into shape time and time again. Functional, comfortable, durable and striking – what more could you ask for.

The Essentials

Since inception, all Bow shorts have been engineered by fighters, for fighters, to maximise comfort while refusing to sacrifice performance! Utilising premium heavy-duty fabrics, our shorts are constructed utilising our proprietary fabric blend that ensures uncompromising performance, comfort and short-life longevity. Our newly redesigned waistband takes our Combat Comfort series to a new level with their flexible non-slip silicone waistband for best-in-class comfort.

Combat Ready

Re-designed from the ground up, our Combat Comfort series are the perfect addition to any fighter’s arsenal. Whether novice or professional, our shorts are built to enhance your fighting performance through greater mobility and a custom fight cut. By introducing elastic panels and insets throughout high tension areas of the short, greater versatility through mobility and range is provided to fighters, while not compromising the integrity of the short. Kick higher, harder, faster with the Combat Comfort series.


90% Polyester, 10% Spandex with Nylon Gusset.